Friday, November 18, 2011

Weston turns One!

Weston is a cutie for sure.  He loved the red convertible that his sweet nanny (Kristi Bowling) loaned us.  We loved it too.

The giant "1" was created by Larry Elder/Wet Paint.  Isn't it great?  It looked smaller in his shop, but I love how it turned out and so did, mommy, Amber Harris.

Shara & Ryan Plus Two!

We met Shara and Ryan this year when our other company, Wet Paint painted and decorated their home.
They are the sweetest, funnest, newlyweds.  They recently added to the family.  Meet Doc Holliday and Boss, English Bulldogs.  Aren't they the cutest?  I just fell in love with their wrinkly, chubby faces.

  We all agreed that Doc needs to go into modeling.  He was so funny as he posed for us.  Just couldn't get Boss to sit still long enough.
I am going to brag on my favorite second shooter, EVER!  Larry, my best friend took this shot.  Isn't it great?  It is my favorite, so I used it on the Christmas Card here: