Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pets & People

January theme at Rhonda Elder Photography is Pets & People.  A great big bark...uhhh... shout out to Pet Mystique owner, Cindy Beason and her beautiful family for being models for this promo.  Have you ever tried to get four dogs to look at the camera?  Or have you ever tried to get four dogs to stay in a basket?  It was a lot of fun and we got the shots!

Not only does Cindy have three beautiful daughters, but a handsome son-in-law and sweet little grandaughter. The dogs are Boxer-Nala, Yorkie-Wendie, Maltese-Frosty, and Brussel Griffen-Tootsie. 

Contact me at rhondaelderphotography@hotmail or call 432-556-8041 to schedule your Pets & People photo session.  The full 1-2 hour session is $175.00.  It includes one 8x10 and two 5x7's.  You may get a 20% discount if you bring your pet in January and sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

Offer expires January 23, 2012
Offer may not be combined with any other discounts.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cowpoke Comptons!

Okay here's a first.  We had a shoot with horses and loved it!!!  It didn't matter that it was 41 degrees out with a North wind a blowing our way, we made the best of it and got some great shots.  This photo session was dad, Steve's idea and that's another first.  Most of you guys out there don't want to be involved in photo sessions, so it was great to have the big guy all for it.  Thanks Steve!

Plus his beautiful wife and daughter, Tammy and Kenzie made my job real easy!

And another plus was I designed this Christmas Card for them.  I always enjoy working up a custom card that fits the personality of the family.  We were all pretty impressed with the vintage 1957 Massey Tractor in this photo, that is still in great running condition.  So cool!  I told Steve I love vintage things...that's why I love Larry!


Nathaniel & Natalia...Twins!

Sweet Natalia...isn't she precious!

Nathaniel...all boy!

We had a hard time getting them together.  It was almost comical.  We would sit them close together and she would immediately move away from him.  I asked the mother, Lily if he bullied her in the womb.  So mom and dad saved the day by bringing out the iPad.  Wow, that did the trick.  We had their ultimate attention.  It was so cute.  These two year old's know how to rock the technology.  Aren't they adorable? 

And now a shout out to Jonnies Home Decor store in Odessa TX.  Thanks to owners Carol Steen and Misty Alley for allowing us to shoot at their beautiful store.  Get in your car now...yes now and drive to Jonnie's  The Christmas decorations are to die for!  It is like Christmas Wonderland.  They also specialize in anything you can imagine to decorate your home and business.  The fine quality furniture is gorgeous, floral arrangements, kitchen ware and even something for the nursery.  What are you waiting for?  Get your keys and credit card(s)...go to Jonnies!