Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seniors in the Light

I was editing this Senior, Boo McCoy, from Midland High when I came across this shot.  It is a great representation of some of our speciality lighting. 

My husband, Larry and I really enjoy creating these unique shots with a little "flare" (pun intended).  He has become quite accomplished in setting the lights for these shots.  I don't know what I would do without him, as he really is an asset and blessing to me!  We are a good team. Thanks Larry!  

If you are a senior or know a senior who has not taken care of Senior Photos yet, we would love to help you create your special portfolio that will be different from the rest.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Africa Bound!

In 2010 I went to Africa and I left a part of myself there.  I know, I know...I had heard people say that and I was thinking, "Yeah, right."  Well it happend to me too.

I never, never, never had a desire to go to a foreign country.  I never had a desire to go on a Missions Trip.   I always said if I did go on a missions trip they would have to put me up in a nice lodge with comfy beds and running hot water.  You see I've never been a big camper-outer (is that a word?)  So none of this apealed to me. 

Well that was my excuse.  But when it comes right down to it, I am just a fleshly selfish old thing.  I have never been good on giving of self, time, or money.  It's mine!  Right?  I worked hard for it. Right?  I like my home, my remote control, my bed, my food, my you see a little selfishness here?

Well, anyway back in 2010, God was really dealing with my heart.  I was feeling pretty empty and dry and like I needed to do something more for Him.  I get this email about a Women's Conference in Kenya and I feel my heart kinda jump at it and I'm like...thats new...and weird.

So my daughter calls and she's going on the Missions trip to Kenya, to help with a Women's Conference for the Masaii women.  And she says, "Mom, I think you need to go with us."   So I confess to her that I have felt God calling me to go.  I remember that day so vividly. My husband and I were painting the exterior of a beautiful home in Midland.  It was a beautiful Spring day in April. I'm sitting in the car talking to Shereen on the phone and start crying as I know that I know I'm supposed to go. 

I told her that I would go if God provided the money.  And that little stinker says, "It's called FAITH, mom!  God won't provide until you step out in faith and say that you are going."

Well, I knew right then that I was going and that God was going to provide.  By July God had provided over $3,500.00 to pay for my entire trip through the donations of amazing people who had vision and FAITH. Isn't that awesome?

I mean it was truly miraculous.    People just started slipping me hundred dollar bills.  I would mention the trip on Facebook and folks would write me and say they were sending money.  It was definitely a FAITH builder.  Here I thought I was going to do something for God and He's doing it for me.

This past Sunday our pastor, Daniel Stephens
Mid Cities said, "We are to be a redemptive agent on the earth."  But in this process he also said that "It's about God's process of redeeming me." 

Do you see?  Do you get it?  Here we are going around thinking we are redeeming when we give to charity or go on a missions trip or buy groceries for someone but the truth of the matter is...

This redemptive process is for me...not from me!

I'll write another post about all the great things that God did for me and the Masaii women and our whole team of amazing ladies from accross the states later.

Below are some photos of the  2010 trip. 

But here's the real news.  I am going back on January 27th, for our second Masaii Women's conference.  When I get back I'll share photos.  Hope you enjoy.  And I hope you will be praying for us.  There are 30 ladies going this year.  So excited. 

Yes I even painted in Africa!

Loved taking pictures of the babies.  They are so beautiful.

Our night guards and cooks doing what they do. I was so shocked to see that they all had cell phones.  I guess that way they can let each other know when they've spotted a lion close to the camp.  They are saying, "Hello A-mare-deeka"

Beautiful Marigold Cheshier.  She is the vision behind the Masaii Women's Conference.  She is my daughter's mother-in-love.  She is an amazing lady who can sing your sox off and preach the word of God like nobody's business.  She is also one tough cookie...she flew to Africa this month with three fractured ribs.  Please pray for her!
  I love her!

My beautiful daughter, Shereen, who taught me about FAITH!  She is now a pastor's wife at New Destiny, in Monroe, LA.

Me, stylin' a beautiful belt that was hand beaded by a lovely Masaii lady.  Now stop laughing at the hair...they wouldn't let me bring my blow dryer.


capturing the essence of a couple!
Substance, Spirit, Heart, Soul, Core
"Beloved" is a concept of capturing a couple in love!  Our goal is to encourage couples to interact with each other on an intimate emotional level.   The outcome will reveal substance in the relationship and spirit in commitment.  As we spend time together in this session, couples will share from their heart and soul and be touched to the core.

In the session, couples will be encouraged to look at each other, not the camera.

Full session is $175.00 and includes 1-8x10, mini (3x3)accordian album, and 2-5x7's.  Since February is my birthday month, I am giving a 10% discount on this session.

Pay for your session here.  Please include code: Beloved to get your 10% discount.  Discount may be used on session fee or prints.

Beginners Photography Class

There has been a great interest in the Beginner Phtography class.  So here's the scoop:

There will be a group class on
Saturday, February 25th, 2012 from
9 am to 12 pm
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  • Did you get a new camera over the holidays?
  • Are you curious what all those buttons do?
  • Are you a MWAC (Mom with a Camera) who would love to capture sweetness?
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  • Would you like to learn how to set your camera on 'M'? (That would be 'manual'.)

If you answered YES to any of these, then let us help!
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Here's what is included in your class:

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Mentor Session: $175.00
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  • Hands on Shoot
  • 10% off a photo session with Rhonda Elder Photography (expires March 2012)
  • Light Lunch
All class fees are non-refundable, but transferable.

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012


    Addison is my cousin, Rick and Lynette Rhoad's grandaughter.  Her beautiful mother and father are Michelle and Weston.  Big sister is Zay'd and she sure made my day with lots of sweet hugs.  Addison was so precious as she responded to the loving voice of her father...hmmm kind of reminds me of the relationship we can have with our heavenly Father.

    This sweet little red outfit and hat was purchased by her grandmother, from Guatemala.  Love the handwork on it.

    Fingers are so yummy!

    Pretty in Pink...I just loved this big floppy hat. 
    Isn't that hat great?

    Midland Living/Winter 2011 Issue

    Rhonda Elder Photography is proud to announce that we have an ad in the first issue of Midland Living/Winter 2011 magazine on pages 79 and 100. We also shot several of the ads. You will enjoy this beautiful full color magazine with highlights of businesses and fascinating articles. I mean a polo club in West Texas?!? Who knew? Go get your copy. They are free thanks to all the wonderful business sponsors. We really enjoyed teaming with With You in Mind Publications

    A shout out to Publishers, Jay & Patti Martin, Matt & Heather Martin and Casey and Trisha Perkins for a fine publication.  Also, thanks to June Dixon and Nikki Anderson for all you do to keep us on task.   We appreciate all your endeavors to produce this beautiful artwork.  It was an honor to work with you!

    You may pick up your free issue at my studio or any of the following locations in Midland:

    America's Storage Center
    Anderson Construction
    Brooks Financial
    Common Scents
    Curiosities Antiques

    Emeritus at Saddleridge Lodge
    Fence Co
    Gerardo's Casita Grill

    Bistro in Clay Desta
    Graham Pharmacy
    Hyacinth for the Home
    JMR Industires/Energy Sales LLC
    Le Bebe Boutique
    Laser & Aesthetic (Odessa)
    Texana Trading Company
    Trinity School of MIdland