Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pre Prom Pics

Hey, I have an idea for all you Junior/Senior high school students that are gearing up for Prom night.  We, (myself and my amazing assistant, Larry Elder) will come to the location of your choice to shoot you and your friends before you leave for dinner and prom.  Think about the fun we can have posing for the perfect shot in front of the limo...or your own car/pick up...or at the junk yard...or in front of some graffiti.  You pick! 

I'm even doing one senior girl in the softball field with glove, cleats and prom dress.  (you know who you are) the day of her prom. 

Let's do it!

Let's capture a perfect memory shot of the perfect evening.

These spots will be limited as I will only be able to offer two group shots per school on the day of your prom.  So here's the link to grab your spot:

I will be going to Monahans on March 24th.  Any takers for Permian High School? Odessa High?  Lee High or Midland High?  Hey I'll even go to Andrews!

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